Friday, 10 June 2016

Autism See the Potential Within

Ok so my level of autism is moderate to severe. 
They say at my level of severity we shouldn't be able to achieve
and if we do achieve then how can we be moderate to severe autism.
I look normal
I am a neuro diverse individual
I have multiple neuro diverse needs
Sensory Processing Disorder
Auditory Processing Disorder
Catatonia related to Autism.

But is Autism what we think it is 
is everyone with Autism incapable of achieving anything
Does society perceptions of autistic individuals
limits our ability to achieve 
and make us more disabled over time.

I believe so 
Society sees the labels
and gives up hope 
on us 
ever achieving anything in life.

We start of with a neuro diverse need
a different way of thinking and being.
but no one sees the 
potential within us 
unless your that
that does see potential

Instead we end up with being 
severely disabled
by society miss perceptions
of our abilities.

Autism instead is a 
mind-body disconnect 
I am able
I will
I am determined
to achieve.

Don't be put of by 
my inability to control my movements 
making it appear
I am unable 
understand or express myself.

Well in the conventional 
ways anyways.

I communicate in a different way.
My best mode of communication 
is with typing.
I can understand what 
you say to me 
most of the time
accept when I'm in a severe 
sensory overload 
or the choice of words 
are beyond my abilities to
process that degree of 
due to my 
auditory processing issues.

I am able

I am Autistic and I am proud of it

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