Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Reflections of the First Voices Training today after the 1st day!

Today I went to my first day of the First Voices training which was put on by the Mental Health Foundation and a intiation by Like Minds Like Mine
This is my personal story from the speeches we done today
I done mine on my speech generating device.
I thought I done a totally fantastic job of getting my voice across so here goes.

Speech A - Personal

As a person with lived experience of mental distress, I missed the chance to interact and to be included.
I lacked the social and communication skills to be heard.
I could have used different ways to communicate my thoughts.
A key memory for me was my first experience of being in a psychiatric ward.
I wanted and needed friends.
I needed more autistic specific supports.
I have found support from facebook, the autism and disability sector.
I like the way I never gave up.
I take interest in Autism research.
I believe I am getting better at communicating my needs.
I look after myself by keeping a balance in life.
I have found strength in God. 
I feel more in control.
I dream of a fully inclusive and accessible society. 

And after this speech the facilitator said you would of done better if you used your own voice, I wanna see you use your own voice tomorrow! And I'm thinking is this not my own thoughts, are my experiences any less because right then and there my AAC was my voice as I couldn't speak myself right then and there in that moment, although the other participants really liked what I had to say. 

Stay tuned for Speech B tomorrow after 2nd day of training! 

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