Sunday, 19 June 2016

Invisible becomes Visible Disability

So when does invisible becomes a visible disability. 
My neuro-diverse needs
are invisible 
to the naked eye
unless you know
what you are looking for.

But what if you were
to suddenly throw in
a visible
physical disability
into the mix.

Yes! Thats Right!
I have a physical disability.
I had not really
thought of this before,
until I became aware
that in fact it was
a visible disability,
but it remained
a hidden
visible physical disability.

Until it became clearly
a visible physical disability.
I have 2 drop foots,
no one knows why.
But the fact remains that 
I do!

All my life I did not
know there was a reason
why I tripped up over
my own feet.

As much as it
can be so
insanely funny
that I appear
to fall

I did not know
it was the drop feet
making it
that I was
so insanely incredibly 
a funny accident
for others 
to laugh upon 
and point
at me
all through out
my high school years.

Throw in
2 orthotic ankle braces.
As much as it helps me
to walk better
with ease!

It directly points out
that I'm disabled.
The sudden stares
I now get directly looking
at my feet.

By others that appear
to be uncomfortable
with the fact
that yes
I'm disabled.

But why suddenly 
look at my feet
when all 
you've done
is point out 
my Autistic behaviours.

My hand flapping
My rocking
My pacing
My thumb sucking!

Do I suddenly
look disabled
I have
foot braces!

I actually
find your behaviours
insanely funny.

I gladly accept
you now point out
my visible physical disability.

It redirects you
from my 
neuro-diverse behaviours.

you will now accept
my neuro-dirvse 

why does it take
foot braces
to accept 
I am disabled.

Couldn't you accept 
prior to this
that Ive been
disabled since the day
I was born.

Or should I say
because society
see me as abnormal
and defective
that you had 
to bully
my neuro-diverse needs
my whole life.

I look forward to the day
that you experience
what it is like
to be different
and to succeed in life
just like
all the so called
"normal" individuals. 

Welcome, I can assure 
you that you
are already different
because there 
no such thing,

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