Wednesday, 24 February 2016

History of Autism and Aspergers all revealed in one book : Neurotribes

I've just finished reading Neurotribes today, on my bus trip back to uni where i live currently.

And WOW amazingly AUSOME what I read in the book.

Did Kanner only really see NON VERBAL AUTISTICS?


How were we really treated back in the history of HITTLER?

The amazingly AUSOME truth is that both Kanner and Asperger saw a variety of spectrum back then. However they chose different ways to embrace it.

On the Kanner side he didnt want to see the gifts that individuals with autism showed, and classed them all as mentally defective and agreed with murdering autistic individuals. Only 3 of the 7 children he saw were completely non verbal, the rest were verbal to a degree.

Asperger recognised it as a spectrum, but he only chose to report on the highly intelligent gift aspirer individuals but the truth is he also those with non verbal, limited communication autistics as well. But only chose to report the gifted group like he did to try and stop us from being murdered by the NAZI's but we were bloody murdered anyways.

It is totally well worth the read.

I am wonderfully Autiscally made.

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