Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Amazing Things Happening at the Moment.

So there have been some totally amazing things happening at the moment. 

So what has exactly been happening:

Talking to random people at the bus stops, like the other day I taking the bus to my cousins movie that he directed, this elderly lady started talking about the whether and about how her husband had a stroke recently and about her son that passed away a few years ago. She just needed a listening ear and that exactly was what I was doing. Also giving body language signals to let her know I was listening. 

Secondly I had to problem of how to get to my cousins movie. So I took the bus in which was 2 buses. And took my studies with me, and I studied looking out at the sea. It was really nice. And I got Hot Chick for dinner and then it was time to go to the movie which was really cool. 

Also my sensory issues has gone now lately as well, like I could enjoy New Years eve with all the music, It was so awesome. Theres only been a couple of times where noise has gotten to me which has been on the bus once. Buts only one time out of like nearly 2 months now. 

Also with my new counselor today I was able to actually talk, rather then having to write or type anything down today, which was so awesome. The only difficulty I have is with drifting away towards the end of the session but apart from that, its totally been amazing. 

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