Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Joys of Living with ADHD and a Tic Disorder

So the joys of living with ADHD and a Tic Disorder, can be so frustrating some days, and other days, it can be also fun. But in todays post, I want to focus on co-occurence that can also affect the individual with these conditions.

I was read this article the other day that allergies seem to be higher in those both with ADHD and Tic Disorder combined. Especially esxma (sorry but I so can't spell that word lol), and asthma. Well I know for myself I have suffered from both those extra co-occurance, and yikes yes I have both ADHD and a Tic Disorder. However this finding is not new, its just only being understood by mainstream researchers but this theory has been around for a long time. I don't think that taking a antihistamine to help with both the allergies, ADHD and Tic Disorder will help, because I believe the real cause of all these conditions together is actually food intolerance's, and environmental toxins. It is very well known the lead poisoning can mimic ADHD, and did you know that in artificial colours actually contain very harmful heavy metal contents as well, including mercury, lead and arsenic, as well as the other harmful chemicals in it. Now on the Food and Drug network they say lead poisoning is very bad, but yet they say that the artificial colours are fine. What fine, really with all those nasty chemicals in them. Yeah Right.

Then lately I have been seeing heaps and heaps of research coming out that ADHD medications can lower the criminal risks. Hmmmm I believe this is just another way to drug people for their behavior when they really don't need it. If we clean up our chemical toxins in our foods then that would surely lower the risk of criminal activity as well. Society seems to take the easy way out, just one pill to pop and you will be fine. Without looking at the real causes of criminal activity. Society get rid of the crap foods, start putting real food fuel in to your body!

Then I come across the article Faith, Hope and ADHD! And that article reminds us to stay in touch with God. To pray when we are sad, frustrated, angry or in pain, or when we are getting distracted. That God reminds us of the truth of why we have ADHD. Sometimes we may never know why we have ADHD, but we just have to trust God about it.

Then I came across a article about what to do naturally for ADHD. Now I already know what to do, but some people reading this may struggle what to do. So the link is below to read up about!,_tic_disorder_patients.html

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