Monday, 1 October 2012

Melt Downs

So today I had a meltdown during my study support session, that was at about 4:30pm. And it was because my study support person realized that I had interpreted all my results wrongly. Aghhhhhh I so hate numbers, so not good with them. Which just shows you I'M NOT WHAT YOU CALL A SOCIETY TYPICAL AUTISTC, because society thinks that Aspies/Auties are good with numbers because that is what portrayed of TV, but I am far from being good with numbers, and numbers definitely do not calm me down. But anyways it basically meant that I had to rewrite my discussion and results section all over again, and right then and there at that time, my brain went into overdrive. Oh my brain I do not like some days. Then I realized that I hadn't done my abstract yet, yikes was gonna submit without having done it. I really wanted to submit it tomorrow.

It is now 10:01pm and I finally calm down enough from my melt down to be able think straight again. Oh the joys of melt down not. And then I realized what my problem was. I had some sort of gluten today, yikes my bad, after work, and that sent me into a frenzy. YEAH THIS IS WHAT THIS CRAP DOES TO MY BRAIN. And it takes at least 9 months, for gluten to leave your body, yikes. Good old charcoal tablet helped calm me down. And after a shower as well that calm me, but basically my body went into melt down mode and I can literally feel the pressure in my head, that suddenly came out of no where when I had the tiny bit of gluten. Gluten sensitively = psychotic episodes, ADHD and autism melt downs or whatever you want to call them.

My lab report is going to have to wait till tomorrow, till I have had a good nights sleep (Hopefully). Then tomorrow I will be able to work on it with a calmer brain. And then a friend of mine is going to look through it, actually its my boss, lol.

Ok so now what do you do in a melt down when it comes along. Well for a starters it depends on the individual, and what makes them tick, sometimes a melt down is far too gone into to be able to calm the person down, so thats when you have to just go with the flow and wait it out, and if possible remove the other individuals from the individual melting down. But primarily you will want to prevent a melt down from happening. And my post will focusing on the natural things you can do i.e. food wise.

1.NO food colors or any additives.
2. Try going completely gluten free.
3. Try going completely dairy free
4. Also soy free is a must as well.
5. Supplements specific to the individual
7. Some may need to have fruits low in phenols.
8. Some can't handle fruits at all.
9. Some need to go sugar free.
10. Some will have to go on the GAPS diet.
11. Some may do well on the Body Ecology Diet.
12. Some will do well on the SCD.

Basically you gotta look at the things the person is eating, and seeing if there are any connections. But make sure you get rid of the food colors and additives from your diet.


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