Saturday, 29 September 2012

Cashew Nut Butter

So today, I made my first attempt of cashew nut butter, and its so yummy as well. All you need is cashew nuts, salt if you want, and a little oil of your choice, but I used olive oil, in todays batch. Now you are most probably wondering how much did actually costed me to make. It actually cost less then what some people think, especially when cashew nut butter is one of your main things in your diet that you use on a weekly basis, and especially in the Biomedical world. 

This batch used:
$5 worth of raw cashew nuts from a local organic shop
A little salt (optional)
A little oil (also optional) 

Where as for me if I brought already made Cashew Nut Butter, it would of costed me about $14 for a small jar, where as with that money, I can made 3 small jars of Cashew Nut butter for the same price. So whats it gonna be, 1 small jar for the price of 3 home made jars, or 3 small jars for the price of 1 small jar. I know what I choose. 

Anyways to make cashew nut butter, all you need to do, is put the ingredients in a blender, and blender a way till its all grind up and then put into a jar. Even the kids can help you out with this one, since it is so easy to do. 

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  1. WOW! It's a different kind of recipe which I have not tried before. I have made peanut butter but not cashew nut butter. I will give it a try and will share my opinion.