Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Autism and Exercise

So today I attempted my first run in a very long time, the last time i went for a run was in high school, lol when it was compulsory.

But anyways my running attempt today was more of a walk then run then walk then run, etc. But you get the point don't you. You have got to start somewhere, and so I thought with my custom made orthotic insole that I would see how it goes when I run. Yes in me, when ever I do something there has to be a point to it, so my specific point was testing the physical science of the custom made insole. Regardless that I didn't run all of what I set out to run, the important thing is that I tried in my own way and succeeded, how ever small that succession was. To me it was a big achievement. My sister is usually the sports freak in the family, its about time, I attempted to do the same thing. I'm more of a specific nutrition freak but its about time I combined nutrition and sports freakiness together, which hopefully will succeed in a better out come for myself. The results from me testing the physical science of the custom made insole was that it gave me more support for my high arch left foot, but not nesicarly helped with the balance as there was a couple of times that I nearly fell over because of my left foot, it is a bit sore but I guess with the more attempts that I do, that I will likely get better at it.

Apart from me wanting to test the physical science out on the custom made insole there were other reasons for my attempted run and future attempts of running. Is that there is science backing up, that physical exercise is very important in those with a mental illness, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and related disorders. And since I have all these things, I really need to listen to the science and give it a go to see how well it works for me. Science has shown that the benefit of going for a run or walk for those on the Spectrum or ADHD, is that it helps to slow the brain down in order to be able to cope in a hectic world, basically you could see exercise as a natural stimulant, so in me I am testing out the theory  of this natural stimulant, to see if it will specifically help with my ADHD or ASD or Bipolar symptoms. I will be keeping a record of my feelings before and after my attempted running on a scale of 1 to 10, for example I could feel about a 5 before i go for a run (the higher the number means that I am either ready to explode or melt down or highly distracted, etc) and after the run I will see if my scale ratting has gone down or not, which will testing the validity of the science behind physical exercise for those on the Spectrum or have ADHD or Bipolar.

Later on down the track after about 1 month of attempting to run each day, I will put up my results and hopefully I will be able to know how to put up a chart of my ratings to see how clearly whether physical exercise is a natural stimulant for those on the Spectrum or ADHD or Bipolar.

ADHD and Exercise 








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