Sunday, 30 August 2015

Book Review: M is for Autism

I got passed on the book M is for Autism, its by The Students of Limpsfield Grange School and Vicky Martin. by a friend of mine in the autism sector in New Zealand.

Now I have got many things to say about this book, this is exactly how I felt growing up as well, without a diagnosis to much older in NZ literally when i was at high school in 5th form, even though seriously I was delayed and behind all my peers etc, lol there was no book to say how life was going to be for the rest of my life etc.

I wish I got handed a book like that when I got the diagnosis, actually I think all teen girls with ASD should be handed that book to read after a diagnosis, or when they get to be teens if they were lucky enough to get a earlier diagnosis then high school etc.

We are so much more different then boys with autism, who's behaviours come out left, right and centre etc. Our behaviours are so much different, we can hide it for a little while, but eventually it does start to come out which maybe people think that we are more worse off then what we started, but thats not true, we just have gotten so overloaded and overwhelmed from hiding what our true difficulties are (literally we wear a mask, that is how we cope, not a real mask, but a mask to hide away our difficulties etc)

Its totally a must read.

I am upset that I didn't have a book like this when I was first diagnosed etc. It would of meant the whole world to me if I did have a book like that, but I didn't.

I think in some ways the UK system has it better for individuals with autism over there compared to our NZ education system which seems like 20 years behind then the UK.

Autism special schools or mainstream school, or in with special needs schools generally, I think this is the question every family has to make at some point especially when it comes to girls with autism etc. All though I might add in Home Schooling as well.

If I had a choice over where I would of wanted to go to (if it was actually in New Zealand).

I believe I would want to go to a very small high school with about 100 students with autism and girls only, or a very small christian based high school without the added pressure of getting taken advantage by students that lead me on the wrong path etc (not that it did happen, but i would want to eliminate that personally for myself)

The above video is from the girls themselves made last year that go to the autism specific girls high school in the UK, please watch, and decide what is best for yourself or your family.