Thursday, 14 April 2011

Response to Autism Article in North & South 2011

I hate that in recent Autism article that they wish that institutions are still around to put their ASD kids in. that just makes me so angry. Give us the right supports and let me do what I wanna do and I will turn out fine and be doing what I want to do. Stop putting barriers in front of me, local communities, people and places.
Just because one family has a had bad response to the Biomedical Intervention, doesn’t mean every ASD person will have a bad response, I know plenty of people with ASD that have had a positive response to the Biomedical Intervention, some have even started school, with no Teacher Aides, or very little Teacher Aides, and these are children that were Severely Autistic as a child. Adults out there doing the Biomedical Intervention are having lots of positive results. Even Donna Williams and Temple Grandin talk about the importance of how diets can play a role in Autism and related disorders. I think that people need to start to listen to us people with an ASD who live with it every day that knows all the insiders knowledge. Parents can only tell from what they see on the outside but they definitely don’t know what we feel on the inside
Describing Autism as a one way love street is very wrong. People with Autism, have feelings for sure, and we know how to love people, it’s just that our feelings come out in a different way, not a wrong way but a different way. We can love and do love. I’m quite sure if you join the Autistic person with their stimming, like rocking, sucking your thumb, spinning coins, or any of the number of stimming that there is, it will open up a new world for the Neuro-Typical person to understand and accept Autism for what it is. We are simply wired different, not wrong. You will be surprised that you and your Autistic child or adult will open up more when you join in with them, with what they want to. You will get a smile out of them and sometimes even a hug. I personally know plenty of children and adults who are very loving and cuddly person, craving lots of hugs and kisses in a good way.  


  1. What is autism? You should give better introductions , no one would want to read the heading and then go on google just to find the meaning of this word or to find out about this illness.

  2. Are you saying you've never heard of autism? Seriously?? If you can't do a simple google search, you'd do better to educate yourself on that. From clicking on your name, it seems you get paid to help people cheat on their academic requirements. You'd better brush up on your Google skills.

    The name "Autismo Girl" kinda suggests she's autistic, and anticipates a readership of people who are interested in the lived experience of being autistic. The description of the blog says she's exploring her feelings about being autistic.
    Why on earth should she preface her blog with "This is what the word autism means", when her experience will unfold over time - and when most people already have an idea, and be open to learning more through her words.
    It is *not* the responsibility of the marginalised individual to educate the curious.
    Go write a freaking essay on what that means.