Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Being an Autistic Woman

being a woman
can be
extremely hard 
at times.

I have
woman issues
that I have to deal with
which really
not a lot of woman 
without autism really
talks about.

Which leaves me
as to trying
to understand
these woman issues
I deal with.

Sensory issues
communication issues
anxiety issues
emotional regulation issues
sexuality awareness and
understanding issues.

On top of this
I deal with
monthly bleeding.

This is the thing
that really 
not many woman 
without autism 
talk about
let alone autistic woman.

The sensory issues
with monthly bleeding
can be so severe at times
that it leaves me
to head bang and
self bite 
during this time.

I can not stand
the sight of blood
I can not tolerate
sanitary pads
let alone
have the gross motor skills
to use tampons.

Some autistic woman
opt to 
their monthly bleeding.

I was one woman
that chose to 
my monthly bleeding.

Sadly I reacted
it did not go well for me.
So the Mirena 
was removed.

Now I am left
with the monthly bleeding
sensory and anxiety
wise can not handle.

Sometimes I wonder 
I have monthly bleeding.

I wish that my moderate to severe Autism
meant that monthly bleeding wouldn't 
come either.

As I 
can't handle
it at all!

How do I go about it,
when I have to rely
on my carers 
to help me
manage my 
monthly bleeding.

This affects
my self esteem.

I get heavy bleeding
this I do not like. 
This leaves
me to be highly anxious.
The sensory stuff of 
monthly bleeding
I will never like. 

This is the stuff
that neuro-typicals
do not understand how 
sensory issues for 
a autistic woman
affect us
being able to effectively
manage our 
monthly bleeding on our own.


  1. No doubt woman has to face many issues but they still manage to cooperate with things happening in life. And that is why we are created strong as compared to man.

  2. Hang in there woman. You are powerful and beautiful. You have your issues but you are fighting with them. You are strong and not a coward.