Saturday, 28 April 2012

AIMA Conference April, NZ 2012

It was fantastic to attend this year's AIMA Conference in Auckland, NZ. I got to meet some fantastic speakers, but my overall best speaker was Dr Robyn Cosford who is from Australia. It just happened to be that Dr Robyn was a Christian, and at the end of the conference, she asked to pray for me, which I great fully accepted with a open heart. She told me I was doing great work for the Autism community and to keep doing what I am doing, she reminded me of the simple things that we do in life to help one another. I feel honored to meet Dr Robyn, and one thing I learned is that I have to have this nearly $500 Bioscreen test, but I feel that God will look after me in this area, as I know that all things is possible through Christ. Until next time, God Bless everyone! 

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